The Mark Of A V​.​i​.​pper (Album III)

by B.i.g J The Frothy Main


"The Mark Of A V.i.pper" is the 3rd studio album by American musician B.i.g J The Frothy Main, released July 2018, for #TheVippers, a landmark recording of his newest single "At The Moment" a themed tribute to never being down again In life. The 18 tracks of #TMOAV encompass a wide range of social issues and themes, in "No Strings", through inequality and systemic racism in "Manifest", to enchanting love ballads "Queenin."

[Words from the artist] - B.I.G J The Frothy Main (2017)
"The Mark Of A V.i.pper is a digital masterpiece for me of mental victories that I feel other people deserve to have and embrace within the landscape of their own lives. Realizing you don't have to be down at this moment , there is untapped potential in knowing that! .. Lets make that into a song for everyone, I want to present our culture with the message of progressing pass the things that people say you cant overcome! That's The Mark Of A V.i.pper."

Written by Jeremy Bainge [Associated Press] , 2017

Previous Releases:
-The Prep Table Vol.1
-The Recipe For Froth
-The Prep Table Vol. 2
- All Jay's [Mixtape]
-The Legacy Of A Legend
-The Prep Table Vol.3



released June 4, 2019

Executive Producers:
Zech Wilson, Jonathan Banks , Leroy Jackson III
Produced by: B.i.g J The Frothy Main , Roy Da Saint , Beez
Published by: The V.i.ppers & HomemadeSoul Music


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